Viking Bags - Product claimed the bags won't cave in however

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however that it is not the case. I purchased these bags late June of 2013 and I have to say I was impressed with the look and design but shortly after using the bags once..the right bags cover started to cave in.

I really wasn't looking for new bags but more for a solution to fix the problem. I got in touch with Nick at Viking Bags but don't waste your time. He followed up once to say he would look into it and then after weeks of not hearing from him I sent another email inquiring about what to do. He sent an email back and said the bags were out of warranty ...SORRY.

WTH.... I am not looking for free bag I am looking for solution so here I sit with a set of Viking bags that look like ***.

I have sent others their way to purchase bags..and I am sorry I did that.

Great website and nice look to the bags but DONT BUY !!!

Monetary Loss: $369.


San Diego, California, United States #953994

7,000 miles in and the bags are still holding up great. I turned to Viking Bags after a buddy of mine purchased a set which saved his leg during a fall. The bags absorbed all the impact and damage saving the bike and his leg.He now has sworn to only buy Viking Bags for life and made me a fan too.



VIKINGBAG does not return money. My friend ordered bags that were discontinued and this company did not credit the money back.

Do not buy from them; you could lose your money. The website seems to be very easy and efficient. Don't let the convenient website fool you, they are thieves. The customer service department does not get back to you.

The end result is there is no other recourse but to write to the Attorney General for assistance because the company does not make any attempt to resolve the issues. Move on to a more reputable company and don't risk the loss.

Monetary Loss: $359.

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